Frequently Asked Questions


If you have any other questions, please send an email (click here).

How do I commission a unique piece of my own?

Answer: Contact me and together we work out a design,I send photos of similar pieces, send sketches, we discuss materials, finishes, sizes, time frames, pricing and shipping.

How do we communicate?

Answer: I like using back and forth communication via emails. Please click here to send me an email.

How do I pay?

Answer: The usual way is by credit card using the PayPal button on my Home page. I also accept postal money orders. On most commissions I ask for a 30% down payment.

How do you package and ship?

Answer: I generally use USPS for both domestic and international shipping. Secure packaging is done using new cartons, tissue and bubble wrapping of item(s), insurance if requested.

What types of woods do you use?

Answer: I work both in California and Hawaii, so wherever I am I source local woods. In Hawaii I generally use Koa, Milo, Kamani, Ohai and Mango. In California I often use Earpod(Perota), Pine, Avocado, Walnut, Cherry and others.

Is the price inclusive?

Answer: Yes, usually. I like to keep payment simple, so price often includes the carving time, materials, insurance and shipping.

Will my ordered/commissioned piece of art be hand carved?

Answer: Most definitely. I always use traditional hand carving methods and tools for 90% of the work. For initial wood sizing and rough out I may use power tools.

Do you have a return policy?

Answer: I send periodic progress, and finished photos to totally insure your acceptance of the work before its shipped. In the case of damages caused in shipping I will accept return, make insurance claims and make repairs at little or no cost.