Richard M. Howell Wood Sculptor and Oceanic Art Wood Carving Artist

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 Richard Morgan Howell
Richard M. Howell Wood Sculptor


As a self-taught woodcarver/sculptor, I learned much of my trade through close association with many indigenous woodcarvers throughout the islands of the Indo-Pacific over the last thirty five years while following a career in Fisheries Development.

My specialty is creating large Bas Relief carvings the portray the infinite drama, wonder and romance of the legends of the Hawaiian and other Oceanic peoples. Along with this, my many commissioned pieces include: Polynesian fish hook replicas, Poi pounders, oceanic weaponry, oceanic bowls and calabashes.

I have carved a wide variety of sea life creatures including whales, dolphin, fish, octopus, seals, and sharks. Included in my commissioned pieces are Polynesian idols, tikis, canoe paddles and hand carved canoe models.

On the non-oceanic side, I have carved fireplace mantel surrounds, sculpted prosthetic limbs, walking sticks and canes, mirror and picture frames, nautical figures and name plaques, welcome pineapples, decorated gunstocks, carved floral decoration, religious carved art and furniture elements. So, I carve whatever my clients desire.

In producing my oceanic art works, I rely heavily on the application of traditional wood carving techniques and tools. I utilize a wide variety of woods to suit the client’s needs including: Hawaii’s Koa, Milo and, Kamani. Guanacaste, Cocobolo, Ebony, Walnut, Rosewood, Primavera and more are used also.

When a piece is complete, I usually finish them with an oil finish and wax. My pieces are held in many private collections throughout the USA, Canada, Europe and of course Hawaii. I work one on one from my website with clients, so if you desire something created simply contact me via Email.

Richard M. Howell

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