My Pacific Islands life history and woodcraft

Life & Experience

Most of my adult life from 1966-2009 was spent developing small-scale fisheries in the Indopacific. I worked directly with the indigenous peoples of Fiji, Samoa, Hawaii, Indonesia (Maluku, Java, Borneo, and Sulawesi), Papua New Guinea, Palau, Chuuk, Kosrae, Guahan, Saipan and the Marshall Islands. During these times, I developed an understanding and love for island peoples and respect for the wood carvers I met and worked with along the way,... Read more

Master Wood Carver

Are you longing to purchase or commission authentic Pacific Islands wood carvings that reflect your interests, visits, residency, or simply your love for the Pacific Islands and their people? Well, look no further! Come and discover a wide range of original artworks at Fine Woodcarvings of Hawaii and the Pacific. My traditional, hand-carved works of art will anchor your memories forever! My pieces are conceived by working one-on-one with ind... Read more

Creating Art With Passion

I am confident that my wide selection of wood carvings and sculptures showcases my creativity and passion for art. My portrayal of many Hawaiian legends is unique in the art world. Check out my portfolio, where you will see that each of my creations has a story to tell. If you request a piece to be created,I hope you will be inspired by it and feel the same passion I felt when creating these unique art pieces.

Customer testimonials

Kai Markell

I first came upon Richard Howell’s beautiful artwork over a decade ago and his love of oceanic culture, and the Hawaiian culture in particular was quite evident. I commissioned him to make a beautiful ‘Umeke ki’i to utilize in my own teachings and sharing of our culture. Richard takes the time to research the subject, plan his work out accordingly and then execute it with great skill and creativity guided by our ancestors. It is a humble honor to know him.

Kai Markell 

Native Hawaiian Rights Advocate/Attorney 

Feb 18, 2023
John DeBeer

We have many of Richard’s carvings in our home, many commissioned and others we received as gifts over the years.Richard carved a masterpiece for our office at Chicken of the Sea Inc, commissioned by several members of the executive team. This large bas relief displayed all of the seafood Chicken of the Sea Inc sold And the theme marked the 100th anniversary of COSI’s founding. Rich is a master carver and captures the essence of the animals displayed, whether fish, birds or mammals. He is the best.

Feb 18, 2023

My house would be just a house if Richard Howell had not transformed it into a home!

His exquisite artistry of wood is truly extraordinary. Every day I look at the amazing pieces he has carved for me: Sea life and bird life dance and fly along my walls. Ancient Polynesian stories are played out with creative and exacting effect. Richard explained the stories and I delight guests by reimparting the legends behind the carvings. Bowls are shaped as shells, or platters as serving dishes. Ornaments of dolphins and fish hooks add to authenticity of living by the ocean in Hawaii. 

Richard is a gem and I am fortunate I found an individual with such incredible skill as well as a calm, delightful and professional demeanor. Richard’s workmanship is truly “out of this world”.

Feb 18, 2023


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